Unexpected Benefits of Beer for Health and Beauty

No friend gathering is complete without a glass of beer. Well, beer fills all our minuscule meetings with pleasure. All of us have, once in a lifetime, drunk beer with friends. But, we never thought it to be healthy. Beer is undoubtedly the most satisfying alcoholic drink. But, does it benefit our health too? Yes, it does. Not only is beer good for health, but it is good for the skin too. Unlike its pals, beer is healthier. While other alcoholic drinks deteriorate your health, beer enhances it.

Moderate drinking is beneficial, but everything in excess has more cons than pros. Casually having a beer or consuming beer at low levels is beneficial, but excess alcohol puts you at risk of many diseases. It may deteriorate the functioning of some important organs.

Beer is no less than wine in any case and not only is good for the heart and skin but has various other health benefits too, and of course, there are coupons for them.

Health Benefits of Beer

1. Keeps Brain Healthy

Well, aluminum effects can be harmful when it comes to brain health, but you don’t need to worry about that because the silicon in beer would shield you from it. With age, your brain weakens too, but you can prevent that with a little dose of beer daily. There is no scientific data to back it up, but the research is still in process regarding the issue. Beer can prevent the oxidative damage done to the brain cells with dementia, but the exact dosage is not yet specified and found. But one thing is sure; your brain is going to be healthy with a medium dosage of beer.

2. Beer is Better

Unlike its comrades’ Beer contains antioxidants. However, the antioxidants are from hops and barley, but antioxidants are antioxidants, and they are a good thing in beer. Not only is it rich in antioxidants, but it is rich in protein too. Vitamin B is essential in the diet, and not many food items have it, but don’t you worry, Beer has it. Not just Vitamin B, Beer also has iron, calcium, phosphates, and fiber. These are all the necessary nutrients that are a must in a diet, and you get all this in just one single drink.

3. A Solution For Stress

Stress is inevitable in this modern lifestyle. With a high-paced lifestyle and the dread of deadlines, stress is an unwelcome guest. But, moderate levels of beer can reduce that. One or two glasses of beer can help you get over your lifestyle stress just for some moments. Though alcohol consumption reduces stress, one should not succumb to that as in the long run, and it’s more harmful. Regular consumption of alcohol daily can lead to anxiety and depression in the long run and can degrade our health. So, use it as a distraction, not as a habit.

4. Good for Heart

Well, it has been found that alcohol consumption can reduce the risk of heart attacks or other cardiovascular diseases. Though there is no scientific basis to the fact, it was found in a study that people who consumed alcohol at moderate levels suffered from less or negligible heart diseases. To your surprise, it is found that not only beer but any alcoholic beverage has this benefit.

However, high consumption is not preferred in any case.

5. Saviour from Bad Cholesterol

As beer is a storehouse of fiber, it’s efficient in lowering the amount of bad cholesterol in the blood. Soluble fiber contained in beer has many health effects, and it not only lowers bad cholesterol but maintains blood sugar levels too. But however it does come with a catch; alcohol in beer comes in between the ability of the body to absorb vitamins and minerals, which can have adverse effects on health. Not only this, it reduces the body’s ability to burn fat, too, resulting in obesity, which is a storehouse of chronic diseases.

6. Saves you From Cancer

With an abundance of antioxidants, it surely helps you to fight cancer, especially prostate cancer in men. Xanthohumol in Beer makes sure that you are safe from cancer with its anti-cancer properties. Not only this high silicon content in Beer makes your bones strong too, making you healthy and fit.

7. Beer- Good For Skin

Is your face filled with acne and spots? Well, vitamins present in beer can surely help reduce and clear your skin to give a natural shine. However, if you don’t have any problem with the smell, then the beer can help rejuvenate the shine of your hair. All you have to do is wash your hair with beer and then see them shine. So, not only does beer give you clear skin but healthy hair too.


Beer has too many health benefits but only if consumed at moderate levels. Therefore, have it, but to a limit, as high consumption is more harmful than good.

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