Italian Handbag Trends

What defines a luxury bag has changed in the last year: from exotic bags loaded with expensive accessories, charms, buckles and other embellishments to more timeless and elegant bags that make a statement without making their owner seem snooty.

On a recent trip to Italy, I was surprised to find the boutiques filled with the most discreet designer bags. While still remarkable in quality, the handbags that lined the windows of Prada, Louis Vuitton, Bottega Veneta, Dolce & Gabbana, and Gucci lacked extensive ornamentation or the bold patterns these designers are known for. Instead, they offered solid leather handbags in a variety of colors, including red and yellow. Styles ranged from hobo bags to structured bags in all sizes, from oversized to clutch.

On previous trips to Italy, I noticed that not many Italian women carry handbags, but I did see a few stores that carried them on this last visit, mostly long, flat, and oversized. Woven purses, totes and bucket bags are all the rage this season, and black and brown leather bags and purses are the choicest options. Women in Italy use their bags a lot; They wear them from day to night for all kinds of activities, so the bags they choose are of the highest quality.

If status is important, badge bags are still popular. Wherever you go in Italy, you will see women with Louis Vuitton bags or Dolce & Gabbana leather affordable vegan handbags  If you do not want to pay a high dollar, and with the exchange rate you will pay almost double what you would pay in the United States, you can buy a knockoff that is sold on the streets of major cities such as Rome and Milan.

If you go this route, never pay what the providers ask of you. They will drop their prices considerably if you haggle. But you don’t have to be fake to get a great leather bag. When it comes to buying a bag that lasts, you can go for a top designer brand or follow the lead of the Italians and base your decision on the quality of the materials used and the aesthetics of the design. You can walk into a dozen stores in Rome, Florence, and Milan and find unique handcrafted bags that will last a lifetime, but cost a third the price of a premium designer bag.

Look for leather goods stores and boutiques that sell clothing and accessories. If you have the money to spend but don’t want to be too flashy, you can easily find a designer handbag in every color of the rainbow and every size imaginable. Or, instead of spending a lot on clothes, create multiple styles just by changing your bag.

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