Latest Tips for Imported & Exported Honey in Pakistan

Pakistan has been imported Organic Honey since 1980s and is now a major importer of organic Honey to the world market. Currently, Pakistan imports Organic Honey to about 62 countries. To help you buy the best quality bee imported honey Pakistan, here are five things to remember when importing Organic Honey from this country.

Is Organic Honey is Natural Sweetener?

  1. People have turned to Organic Honey as a natural sweetener. Organic Honey is not only a natural sweetener, it has also been used as medicine throughout human history and has many health and medicinal benefits.
  2. Most of these health benefits are characteristic of Organic Honey that has not been raw or pasteurized.
  3. The Organic Honey market is experiencing significant changes in global supply and demand, and export markets are becoming increasingly important.

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Tips For organic honey healthy lifestyle

  1. Healthy eating has become a priority for people around the world.
  2. Trends show that people are willing to invest in an organic honey lifestyle in order to live a healthier life.
  3. Organic Honey foods are naturally occurring and have been specially promoted, processed and treated.
  4. Oraganic honey give benefits during COVID-19.
  5. Organic foods do not contain chemicals that are harmful to the body.
  6. Research has also shown that organic foods contain a proportionally higher amount of nutrients and provide all the nutrients the body needs to function at its best.

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Abundance of plant resources

Organic Honey sellers, due to the abundance of plant resources, have many beekeepers who collect Organic Honey and bee products to sell in their markets. When looking for a reliable Pakistani Organic Honey exporter, the following five tips will help you get the best quality local Honey products.

Organic Honey and bee

When importing Organic Honey from Pakistan, importers must ensure that their Organic Honey and bee product suppliers strictly adhere to internationally recognized standards set by the Codex Alimentarius. These standards are accepted in all countries where types organic honey is marketed.

Honey Importer

When looking for an Organic Honey exporter, it is important to ensure that the wholesaler has a veterinarian to oversee the processing of the Organic Honey. Exporters should be familiar with the sampling methods, inspection systems, enforcement regulations and legal requirements of the importing country.

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Honey Exporter

  1. Organic Honey traders are equally concerned about quality, so it is important to find a Organic Honey exporter who adheres to guaranteed quality control methods. The exporter must comply with the licensing procedures of the company that intends to process the Organic Honey for export.
  2. Organic Honey exporters must have certificates related to bee sourcing, quality testing, product packaging, marketing and export. In Pakistan, an exporter or supplier of bee products must have a FSSAI license and an ISO certificate.

Selects a Organic Honey exporter

  1. When a buying company selects an Organic Honey exporter, it is important to ensure that the exporter meets the quality and marketing regulations of the destination country. This will ensure that there are no barriers to resale in the destination country.
  2. In Pakistan, mainly grown by marginalized and landless farmers. This increases farmers’ incomes, creates jobs and improves the nutritional status of the rural population. Pakistan is one of the largest producers and exporters of Organic Honey in the world.

Pakistan exported 5,953,675 tons of natural Organic Honey worth $88,650,000. More than 50% of the Organic Honey produced in Pakistan is exported to other countries. The major exporters of Organic Honey to Pakistan are the United States, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Bangladesh and Canada. The success of Organic Honey exporters depends largely on their adherence to product and marketing policies.

Final Words

However, due to a lack of market access and storage facilities, beekeepers sell their bee products to large exporters who in turn sell them on the international market. Beehive aims to bridge this gap between beekeepers .

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